Meet the Team

Tara Atkinson and Willie Fitzgerald, the organizers and co-founders of APRIL, wants to promote and encourage authors and publishers through the festival.

Tara is an editor, art journalist, and publishing assistant. She is the engine of APRIL who manage the whole things.

Willie is the general manager. He writes fiction. Later, Frances Dinger joined the team as media relations coordinator.

Kellen is now responsible for finances and business development. She earned her Arts Leadership degree from Seattle University. As of 2016, she is the publisher and deputy director of The Believer Magazine.
2012 Festival

In 2012, APRIL took off with full speed. Hundreds of readers and authors joined the APRIL festival’s Lit Crawl. An all-night literary rage full of beer and cigarettes. It is the event for local talent to shine. Readers listen to their favorite local authors in a festive atmosphere.

All sorts of literature is open game from apocalyptic science fiction to stories and poetry.

Venues welcomed the Lit Crawl warmly. Readers and authors came and went all night. Only the precious few absorbed all the fun. The attendees were way above the expected number. They gathered in a huge cluster of readers and authors and enjoyed themselves with drinks and dancing around the city.

Exactly, 58 individuals funded the festival in 2012. Though minimal planning was put into the festival, it was a huge success for an amateurish event for writers.

Post written by Jeannine Harbinger. Aside from writing about festivals all around the world, her work has taken her to places like Credit Glory and The Atlantic.

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